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How does MoruCareTech work?

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When you encounter an issue with any of your devices, simply give us a call. MoruCareTech uses a specialized technology that allows us to to view your screen, so wecan see exactly what you're dealing with. This saves time and headaches trying to describe the issue. You can learn more about the safety of this technology, here.

Is there anything MoruCareTech can’t help with?

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For security and privacy reasons, we cannot help you with any tasks involving your finances or banking. Also to keep in mind, is that, while we can assist with organising your devices and create automated tasks (such as ordering food shopping), we are not allowed to store your passwords.

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We understand that not everyone has the same budget or tech support needs, which is why we have a package for every budget, starting with our LOW COST options. Scroll up to see our pricing, or talk to us about the support you need, and we’ll help you find the package that works for you. You can cancel whatever option you go with anytime.

How much does MoruCareTech cost?

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