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Cesar Illana

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With years spent honing my skills as a Solution and Implementation Specialist across a range of tech companies and industry sectors, I've got the know-how to turn customer needs into reality using the latest and greatest hardware and software tools at our disposal.

From delivering demos with subject matter expertise to training folks of all levels, whether it's a newbie or the top brass, I take pleasure in seeing the light bulb moment and the happy faces that follow.

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Cesar Illana

Technical Consultant (Founder of MoruCareTech)

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MoruCareTech was created to offer affordable and accessible IT support services to individuals starting out in the tech world, recognizing that many companies only offer expensive services to larger corporate clients.

Tech wizardry can be a real puzzle for some folks, and it hit me hard that many folks don't have a go-to tech-savvy relative to guide them. My brother and I stepped up to the plate and showed our technologically-challenged mom the ropes, and boy was it a ride! It was tricky, but seeing her confidently use her gadgets was worth it. It made me realize that many people are in the same boat, but without the luxury of a tech-savvy pal or family member to lend a hand. So, I decided to put my tech skills to good use and help those in need who don't have a tech whiz in their corner.

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"Where grandma’s iPad becomes a Magic Wand: Turning Digital Dreams into Reality, One Click at a Time!"

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"Navigating the Digital Jungle: Where Web Design Meets Wizardry, Grandma Approved!"

"Sculpting Smiles, One Click at a Time: Where Tech Support Gets a Friendly Face!"


"Unleashing the Power of Pixels: Empowering Clicks, Simplifying Tech Life!"

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